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 Working Together for Our Future

I grew up in Kittitas County attending public schools in the Cle-Elum/Roslyn school district and then transferred to the Ellensburg school district in 4th grade. 

I loved the country, my horse, and the people that I grew up with, but when I was young I did not appreciate how unique Kittitas County is in the world.

I moved to Colorado Springs and supported myself working at Jiffy Lube for a year prior to joining Active Duty Army as a Medic. I joined due to my deep gratitude and joy to be born in the United States. I was willing to sacrifice everything to serve with the defenders of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I served for 5 years and was stationed in Fort Bragg and Fort Irwin and deployed to Camp Bucca Iraq for a year 2006-2007. 

While in the Army I volunteered for additional assignments and tasks being selected to represent Fort Irwin in the 2008 Army 10-Mile Race which takes place in Washington DC, and marching in the National Colors color guard for multiple events to include the return of the Oscar award to the Army in Hollywood for the 1912 production "Prelude to War." 

I left Active Duty Army with an Honorable Discharge and multiple awards and coins for successful missions, troop support, and outstanding performance. I transitioned into Army Reserves for a year while gaining Whitewater Guide skills and completing community college courses aspiring toward a degree in higher education.

Throughout my college career I served in leadership roles in multiple clubs and organizations while simultaneously volunteering in the community. After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Double Major from CWU I have continued to volunteer. I have served non-profit organizations locally and disaster relief in the Caribbean.

I currently educate the public about renewable energy at a Wind Facility. It is a passion to speak with people that have different perspectives and values and discuss all possible solutions for the brightest future for all.

I have traveled the world. I have seen many lovely valleys and met amazing people, but there is no place like home. I would be honored to serve our community and work hard together to build our future.

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