Kittitas County faces growth in the next years. Over 6,000 developments have been approved since the early 2000s. As those developments start being built we will have to face the challenges of finite resources, public land management, economic development so that our local residents can afford to stay in our community, and infrastructure upgrades. I am willing to work hard and listen to you to build the brightest future for all of us and generations to come. 

 Platforms for our county

Mental Health

I support the 1/10 of 1% Mental Health Sales Tax. It will increase purchases of $100 by a meager dime and will save lives of our youth and neighbors throughout Kittitas County. A portion of the revenue generated will address the 1 in 4 10th grade students that currently have a suicide plan, strengthening families and increasing the hope for our childrens' futures. The rest will go towards education and reducing the social stigma associated with pursuing mental health resources, case workers to guarantee greatest success, and the Kittitas County Corrections to prevent recidivism, save lives, and strengthen families. 


Not only will this strengthen families  throughout our community and save our youth and neighbors' lives, but it also will reveal that our county has some skin in the game and make our county more eligible to receive federal and state grants of 3-4 million dollars. 

Public Lands

Roughly 80% of Kittitas County are public lands. I am working hard with the Checkerboard Partnership and East Cascades Recreational Partnership to ensure that these lands will be managed for our local population first. 


If there are areas where well-managed grazing could benefit our ranchers and reduce the hazards of wild fire I am dedicated to explore those options. I will work to continue conversations with the Nature Conservancy and Fire Adaptive Communities Coalition to increase our land health and benefit all community members as comprehensively as we possibly can. The more stake holders that we can involve the better plan we can create. 

Economic Development

Creating higher-wage paying jobs throughout Kittitas County is crucial so that our own residents can afford their properties and to compete against people moving over from Seattle-area in the expanding housing market. 


I am dedicated to support Airport Business Park Development. I will reach out to community members, and airport advisory committee to determine what types of industry may fit out business park best and then I will work with the airport director to contact and secure businesses which will support and strengthen our community. 

I would love to work with District 2 County Commissioner to establish a small-diameter lumber mill for economic benefit as well as thin our forests to be more fire wise while keeping lumber profit within our own community. 

I have been working with a dynamic team to reestablish glass recycling in the community, and hope to invite industry which can use the crushed product into our community. We are currently working with the University to discover feasible uses for our community's crushed glass product. 

Affordable Housing

I am excited to work with Hope Source, Habitat for Humanity, and cities throughout the county to establish more affordable housing throughout Kittitas County. I would love to discuss creative solutions for our future and ensure that residents living on a fixed income or in their retirement have the option to stay in their home if physically able to do so. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in King County which recently partnered with Kittitas County. I look forward to volunteering to build homes for our neighbors in the near future. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Every person in our county should feel welcome, included and have the opportunity to build their own success. I will work hard to ensure that any marginalized populations of people are heard and I will listen. Elected officials are in office to serve all residents within their scope, and I plan to welcome information and concerns from every person whether we share the same party, culture, perspective, and values or not. I am here to serve all of my community. 

Covid-19 Concerns

I believe in being kind and using the best available information to support the individual's physical health, small businesses, and the mental health of my community by respecting sound medical advice, incorporating mental health advice, and communicating with small businesses in regard to reasonable precautions for the future. All of our small businesses are essential to the people relying on them for income and to put food on the table. I will work with every industry and the health board to make a plan for the future which will protect our vulnerable populations while also boosting morale by giving community members and small businesses a clear path forward.